неділя, 20 вересня 2009 р.

Reveal: Microsoft Sam: Meet the Heavy

I will remake all the class videos, stay tuned!

пʼятниця, 18 вересня 2009 р.

New project

I have a new project coming up, it will feature series of up to 9 videos (no, its not what yo thought). I have never seen something like that, so you will like it.

New design

Since the blog is popular now (thanks guys) i will hire someone to change my design.

Half-Life 2: All sounds replaced by my voice!

"Half-Life 2: All sounds replaced by my voice"
Made by -Trase- aKa Patcher aKa Tr45e

Replaces almost all the sounds in the game with my voice
(i did not edit any of them, its fresh from the microphone)

What i did NOT replace:
-Ambient noises like wind.
-some zombie voices.
-character voices (it would sound dumb).
-maybe i missed some minor physics like a trap door hidden somewhere in ravenholm and no one ever opens it.
Totally i replaced 1327 sound files.

неділя, 5 липня 2009 р.

Security Alert!

Just figured out After Effects!

Patcher here! Wan't to show you my first works in Adobe After Effects, and later this day i will show you my first "big" project that im finishing now.

понеділок, 29 червня 2009 р.

New art!

Made today using SDK model viewer, a photo and Photoshop.

The city is Lvov, located in Ukraine
Inspired by the great game - Half-Life 2

неділя, 28 червня 2009 р.

City 17 Metrocops

Made today in Photoshop, the city is Lvov, located in Ukraine.

понеділок, 15 червня 2009 р.

Alert! Red spy in the pod!

The sackboy is a spy! spy around here!

The best way to play a PS3

On this beast, its not mine - its my fathers and located in his house. but still, even if it don't look verry big on picteres, its pretty damn big.


I redesigned my workspace to make it more comfortable and clean! nice to sit there, really.

Damn you, monitor!

WHAT I DID TO YOU?! Good thing i have warranty..

I haven't been here for a loong time

Yeah, stuff happend, here's a little briefing:

-Ive got my Airsoft Colt 1911 fully metal

-Ive got Little big planet

-and some minor stuff

From today, i will be with this blog every day.

середа, 3 червня 2009 р.

Online in Liberty City

Today My god friend Dima "Patcher" Tomawevsky has connected to the internet! Gratz to him! This blog is now about me and our works!

середа, 25 березня 2009 р.

середа, 4 березня 2009 р.

Does your earphones fallout?

DO THEY!? YES THEY DO! AND THATS FUCKING DRIVIN ME CRAZY! Especially when its a fucking mobile phone earphones, when you cant find other types, or when you find em, they cost like 50 bucks. So today i made a solution! Im vrry happy with this!
Just look.

They fit perfectly im my ears! I love myself

четвер, 26 лютого 2009 р.

Nearly Done!

Horay! i just want to add some detailes so it wont look absolute black and make a sexy "Colt 1911 by Trase" on the side od the pistol. (not really a colt 1911, i just wanted to make a pistol, not a recreation)

неділя, 22 лютого 2009 р.

Yay! i can do modelling!

Yesterday i downloaded 3Ds Max! and with help of my good friend Grimones now i know how to use it! take a look at my first works

середа, 18 лютого 2009 р.

I attached it, sir.

Yeah! finally the last piece of the gun is attached, now i need to attach lil details like safe switches and suff, and were ready to paint!

вівторок, 17 лютого 2009 р.

U-u-u-u-update on my colt!

Today, using this magic stuff, i made my colt look alot better!

понеділок, 16 лютого 2009 р.

Progress so far on my Colt1911

I think the wood part is almost finished, now i need to make it look as one piece, some decorations, and paint to look like its metallic.

Ima makin' mah colt!

Colt1911 that is, from piece of wood.

субота, 14 лютого 2009 р.

Yay! a new mouse!

I brought myself a new Mouse: A4tech XL-750F, becouse i love MYSELF!
Verry nice, smoth and comfortable, if you want to buy a new mouse, buy it!

Escape From City 17 - Part One

Yet, today i noticed on Steam News that the new minimovie came out:

The short film Escape from City 17: Part One, viewable on YouTube via the link below, was inspired by the Half-Life 2 episodes and chronicles the escape from City 17 by some members of the citizens resistance. It was created by The Purchase Brothers, a commercial directing duo, and their small team based in Toronto, Canada. They have been Half-Life enthusiasts from the start and have created this short, the first in a series, on a shoestring budget using handmade costumes, some donated equipment, and the Source SDK, not to mention lots of their own blood, sweat and (we assume) tears. It was sent to Valve unannounced, and we were blown away -- the production quality certainly exceeds that of the usual community-made movies we see. We're told the second episode is nearing completion, and we can't wait to see what's in store. We hope that you enjoy the series.

I liked it alot, i hope this guys will work on with it!

The first post. Valentines style.

Soooo, it seems ile start takin over the world in valentines style. Yuck!