неділя, 20 вересня 2009 р.

Reveal: Microsoft Sam: Meet the Heavy

I will remake all the class videos, stay tuned!

пʼятниця, 18 вересня 2009 р.

New project

I have a new project coming up, it will feature series of up to 9 videos (no, its not what yo thought). I have never seen something like that, so you will like it.

New design

Since the blog is popular now (thanks guys) i will hire someone to change my design.

Half-Life 2: All sounds replaced by my voice!

"Half-Life 2: All sounds replaced by my voice"
Made by -Trase- aKa Patcher aKa Tr45e

Replaces almost all the sounds in the game with my voice
(i did not edit any of them, its fresh from the microphone)

What i did NOT replace:
-Ambient noises like wind.
-some zombie voices.
-character voices (it would sound dumb).
-maybe i missed some minor physics like a trap door hidden somewhere in ravenholm and no one ever opens it.
Totally i replaced 1327 sound files.

неділя, 5 липня 2009 р.

Security Alert!

Just figured out After Effects!

Patcher here! Wan't to show you my first works in Adobe After Effects, and later this day i will show you my first "big" project that im finishing now.

понеділок, 29 червня 2009 р.

New art!

Made today using SDK model viewer, a photo and Photoshop.

The city is Lvov, located in Ukraine
Inspired by the great game - Half-Life 2